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Summer Pedicure Ideas: Fresh and Vibrant Nail Colors to Try in 2023

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

barbicore polish on toes

Summer Pedicure Ideas - An Intro

Hey there, ladies! As the warm sun kisses our tresses, and the flip-flops make their grand return, it's time to show off those gorgeous toes with some stunning summer pedicures. Here at The Abode Salon, we're excited to share the hottest nail trends and fresh, vibrant colors that will make your feet shine this summer. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of summer pedicure ideas!

1. Shades of Pink: From Soft and Sweet to Vibrant and Rich

This summer, embrace the Barbiecore Fashion trend with a range of pink shades. Go bold with a vibrant neon pink to make a statement, or opt for a soft and romantic light pink for a more delicate look. These shades of pink are perfect for creating a cute design on the big toe or adding a touch of playfulness to your summer toenail designs.

2. Cobalt Blue: Dive into Cool Elegance

Channel the serene depths of the ocean with a mesmerizing cobalt blue shade on your toes. This rich and intense color exudes sophistication and pairs beautifully with silver or gold accents. Imagine palm trees swaying against a vivid blue sky while your cobalt blue nails steal the show.

3. Pea Green: Fresh and Funky

pea green toenails

Looking to add a unique twist to your summer pedicure? Try a pea green hue! This unexpected color choice will make heads turn and evoke a sense of fun and adventure. Whether you choose a solid pea green or incorporate it into a playful nail art design, this shade is sure to bring a breath of fresh air to your look.

4. Reds: Classic and Timeless

You can never go wrong with a classic red pedicure. Choose from an array of red tones, from fiery crimson to sultry burgundy, to find your perfect match. Reds are elegant, versatile, and evoke a sense of confidence. Whether you're strolling along the beach or attending a summer soirée, red nails will always make a statement.

5. Mauve: Subtle Elegance

For a more refined and understated look, consider a mauve pedicure. This soft, muted shade is the epitome of effortless sophistication. It pairs beautifully with any outfit, and its subtle charm will complement your summer toe nail designs flawlessly.

matte black toes

6. Creamy Black: Edgy Chic

If you're in the mood for something a bit edgier, try a creamy black shade on your toes. Black is a classic color that exudes confidence and adds a touch of mystery to your overall look. Pair it with white accents or use a dotting tool to paint a flower design for a stunning contrast.

Make Your Pedicure Last!

Taking care of your feet after a pedicure is essential to maintain their health and keep them looking their best. Here are some tips on how to care for your feet after a pedicure:

1. Moisturize Daily: After your pedicure, make moisturizing your feet a part of your daily routine. Dryness can lead to cracked heels and rough skin. Apply a rich foot cream or lotion to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Pay special attention to areas prone to dryness, such as the heels and the balls of your feet.

2. Protect Your Pedicure: After your pedicure, allow ample time for your nail polish to dry completely. Avoid tight socks or shoes that can smudge or chip your freshly painted nails. Consider bringing open-toed shoes like sandals or flip-flops to your pedicure appointment to ensure your nails have enough time to dry before putting on closed shoes.

3. Exfoliate Weekly: Once a week, use a foot scrub or pumice stone to exfoliate the soles of your feet and remove dead skin cells. Gently scrub in circular motions, focusing on rough areas like the heels. This helps keep your feet soft and prevents the buildup of calluses.

4. Avoid Walking Barefoot: We know, while it may be tempting to go barefoot, especially during the summer months, it's important to protect your feet. Walking barefoot in public places can expose your feet to all kinds of gross stuff that could make your feet go from fabulous to frump. Always wear flip-flops or sandals in communal areas such as locker rooms, public showers, and around swimming pools.

By following these foot care tips, you'll be able to maintain the effects of your pedicure and keep your feet in tip-top shape.

Now that you're armed with some fabulous summer pedicure ideas, it's time to treat yourself to a pampering session at The Abode Salon. Our talented nail artists will bring your dream nail art to life and make your toes summer-ready. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and let us take care of your summer pedicure needs.

Remember, summer is the perfect time to showcase your personal style and let your toes do the talking. Embrace these fresh and vibrant nail colors, experiment with playful designs, and get ready to turn heads wherever you go!

Contact The Abode Salon to schedule your appointment and indulge in a summer pedicure that will leave you feeling refreshed and fabulous.

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